5 thoughts on “Our Fantastic Mosaic Students

  1. It was very unfortunate that I missed the group photo,but I had a great experience in Coventry University. My favourite part was when I got my certificate and when I had the tour around the university.
    I am so lucky to have this treat!
    I would like to thank all my teachers including Mrs Raja Khan and Mary. Also my mentors Matt and John who helped me in my work.

  2. I was so pleased to get back to school from Dol y Moch in time to see you. I spoke to some of your parents who were proud to have been at the University with you. I can not wait to see the photographs taken by Mrs Shergill of the day you graduated at Coventry University. The increase in confidence that I was able to see during the sessions was astounding. Well done to all of the graduates.

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