Our incredible week- 18.09.2020

What another incredible week 1Blue, you have been such superstars in your learning and outside of the classroom. We have loved learning about prepositional language in topic, using the iPads in Art to continue our learning about Picasso focusing on faces and using adjectives to describe objects. Well done on such a incredible week, Mrs Patel and I are so proud of you all.

In English we loved looked at sentence structure, focusing on full stops and capital letters.

In Art, we enjoyed using the IPads to take photos of our friends, focusing on facial features to continue our learning about Picasso and his style of painting.

In English, we looked at adjectives continuing to develop our speech and language skills and how to describe objects using simple sentences. We did amazing, check out our video!

In our second week of topic, focused on ‘The Alien School’, the aliens asked us how they would find the features in our amazing school! We looked at prepositional language to help the aliens find their way around!

well done 1Blue on your spellings, 50% of you got 10/10, I know we can beat that next week, keep practicing!

15 thoughts on “Our incredible week- 18.09.2020

  1. Wow! What a super week of learning you have had.I can hear some lovely clear voices in these videos, so well done.Keep up the good work everyone. 😊

  2. I like finding new things in Broad Heath and I also like seeing all of my friends 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. I enjoyed doing my spelling test I got 10/10. I have done my homework on Education city and got 💯 %. I will do by wow homework later and send a picture.

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