Our learning this week…

We have had a fantastic week of exciting learning in 1s!

We are very pleased to see all of the children trying their best and working hard.

In Maths we have been learning all about halving. Take a look at the video to see some of the superb learning that has been taking place…

In Science we have been investigating whether certain materials are waterproof. During our Science lesson the rain started pouring down from the sky so Mr Stevenson decided to take the lesson outside. Instead of testing the materials inside the classroom, Mr Stevenson tested to see which material would be the best for an umbrella!


What does the term ‘waterproof’ mean?

Which material was the best?

Which material was not waterproof?


Keep up the great work 1S. We have all gained so much since the start of this year! Well done!


Mr Stevenson & Mrs Patel

10 thoughts on “Our learning this week…

  1. 1) waterproof is when water cannot go through eneythink

    2)plastic was the best material

    3)the tissue was not the waterproof material

  2. Well done guys! Can you test some different materials at home to see if they are waterproof? Why don’t you try metal? I predict that it will be waterproof.

  3. 1. Waterproof means something that water cannot get through, and cannot be damaged by water.
    2. Plastic was the best material.
    3. Paper and fabric was not waterproof.

  4. 1. Something that get wet, it falls of it, not through it.
    2. Plastic was the best material and paper wasn’t the best.
    3. Paper, sandpaper and tissue paper weren’t waterproof.

  5. Q1 Waterproof means that the water is not going to pass.
    Q2 The best material is plastic
    Q3 The paper is not waterproof and the tissue paper

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