Our Own Political Party

Today, Red 5 started applying their knowledge of democracy to create their own political party. They came up with a name, slogan and a set of policies. They have launched their campaign and will be delivering their speeches tomorrow, ready for a vote.

Answer these questions:

What is your party name? What is your slogan? 

What is your policy on tax? Why? 

What is your policy on public spending? 

Name another policy you have come up with. 

Why is freedom of speech so important to a healthy democracy?

Is democracy the best system? Explain (Think about dictatorship and theocracies)



  1. Our party name is APKUI.Our slogan is the way through parliament is through APKUI.The policy for tax is that it should be lowered down for everyone because we have to work hard to work for our money and if its taken away what’s the point of earning it.Our policy on public spending is that we should spend more on education and also health.Another policy we have came up with is that uniform should be something that is comfortable for a person both at work and in school. Freedom of speech important in a healthy democracy because it makes sure that people can say hat they want and it can make people’s future more better.Democracy is the best government because it allows people to choose their own government.
    By khadijat and Ibrahim

  2. Our party name is confidence and our slogan is we help all😊

    Our policy public spending isn’t we will give the money to the poor,NHS and education,we can buy weapons but we’ll still join other countries to fight. We think this because the NHS dont have enough money and the poor are homeless.

    Our policy on tax by doing this the rich people will have to pay more .

    Another policy we have came up with is transport and we think that we can improve our transport by reducing the range of railways and create a wider range of differant cars.

    It us important to have freedom of speech because if you want to tell the truth about something people disagree and if you want to atually want people to be happy you will have to lie because every one have differant disitions.

    I don’t think it a good system because other people Have differant dictionary.

  3. NARRSH-
    help the rest try your best!
    We should give rich people higher taxes so we can give it to charity.This is because everyone will have money and less people will be poor.

    People should spend more money on health care and education so people could get more jobs and more work will be done.

    Our Environment should stay clean because no one will be harmed.

    Because if people have an opinion but there friends won’t listen and it’s important they could share it with public so no harm or problems will cause.

    I think it isn’t a good idea because people might leave the country and come back they might forget the rules or laws.

  4. The Twist Party

    Don’t let anyone twist you about

    Only the rich people pay tax in order to donate to the poor so the rich and the poor could be just the same in wealth .

    We belive that we should put one bus stop in front of every school gate so if you Can not afford a car there is a school bus provided if needed.

    Another issue: Newclea weapons should be provided in war in order to succeed and protect our people and family .

    Freedom of speech and is important so you can be free speak for yourself and no one can boss you around

    By ruqayyah

  5. Our party name is narsh.our slogan is help the rest try your best.our policy on tax is pay less because if people have a family of 6 it would be hard.Our policy on public spending is spend money on hospitals and charity’s.On public transport we should buy more railways to get more people to there destinations quickly.freedom of speech is important because you can have good ides to the democracy.

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