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We will be learning about our Prime Minister David Cameron in topic this week. Can you read the facts below and post what you learn.


Birthday October 91966
Birthplace England
Age 47 years old
Birth Sign Libra

Birth date: October 9, 1966

Birth place: London, England

Birth name: David William Donald Cameron

Father: Ian Cameron

Mother: Mary Cameron

Marriage: Samantha Cameron (June 1, 1996 – present)

Children: Florence Rose Endellion, Arthur Elwen, Nancy Gwen, Ivan Reginald, Education: Eton College; Brasenose College, Oxford, 1988 – First Class honors degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Religion: Anglican

Other Facts:
Is a descendant of King William IV.

Is the 12th prime minister to take office during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

The youngest prime minister since 1812.

The first Conservative prime minister since John Major in 1997.



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  1. David Cameron is the prime minister of UK.He was born on October 9,1966.He was born in London.He went To the Eton college for his studies and got first clas honours in politics, economics and philosophy.
    He is the leader of the Conservative party.He is the youngest prime minister Sine 1812.
    He got married to Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield and has 4 children’s.He became prime minister in 2010.

  2. David Cameron 2ND name is Cameron and his real name is David,William Donald Cameron.David is still alive. His father’s name is Ian Cameron.

  3. I have learnt that David Cameron is prime minister.
    I have learnt that that David Cameron was born on October 9th 1966.
    I have learnt that David Cameron`s whole name is David William Donald Cameron.
    I have learnt that David Cameron`s mum was Mary Cameron.
    I have learnt that David Cameron`s dad was lan Cameron.

  4. I learnt that David Cameron’s birthday is on the 9th October.
    I learner that his David Cameron’s fathers name is lan Cameron and his mums name is Mary Cameron.
    He is always on the back news.

  5. David Cameron Was born on October 9th and he went to Eton collage .
    David Cameron ‘s mom and dad were called Mary Cameron and Ian Cameron

  6. Wow, you are learning lots about David Cameron!
    Here is a challenge for you:
    Who can find out the names of other Prime Ministers Britain has had?
    Can you also find out which political party they represented?

  7. I learnt that David Cameron’s birthday is on 9th of October. He is still alive also he is in BBC news. David Cameron also lives in London.He is in charge in schools,parks and all sorts of things.He is in parliament.David Cameron was born Conservative. Not only has he connections to royalty, but there are three conspicuous Conservative MPs in the family tree. His disabled stockbroker father welcomed in the future fourth one in October 1966. David spent his first three years in Kensington and Chelsea before moving to Berkshire. His childhood featured a nanny and a swimming pool, and his education was prep school, Eton and then Oxford. He’d spent his gap year before university working for a Sussex MP, and a shipping agent in Hong Kong, returning from there by rail through Eastern Europe.David’s Oxford tutor for Philosophy, Politics and Economics remembers him as politically moderate but critics seize on his time in the notorious Bullingdon club. His membership of this exclusive clique, where wealth is prerequisite and excess is characteristic, is seen by some as proof that he was a hardcore, right wing, free-market Thatcherite disciple.

  8. British politician who took office in 2010 as priminer Minister of the United
    Kingdom.He helped from and lead the first coalition govement of the United Kingdom

  9. david cameron’s mother is Mary cameron and his dad is Ian cameron.He dedicates with the Queen this means he is a MP.david is are prime minister.

  10. David Cameron is our current prime minister. He is a MP. That means he is a Member Of Parlement. His dad is called Ian cameron and mother is Mary cameron.

  11. David Cameron was born on 9th October. He is now priminster. He’s real name is David William Donald Cameron . he’s fathers name is Ian Cameron.

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