Our senses

In Science this half term we are learning about ‘our senses’.

We identified the different body parts by drawing around Yosif and labelling them as a class. We discovered that each body part has a different function.

Can you name the body parts that are used for our senses?


Which sense were we focusing on this week?

How many senses are there?


Click on the link above and watch the video about senses. What have you learnt about senses so far?

Post your answers on the blog so we can discuss them in our Science lesson next week!

12 thoughts on “Our senses

  1. Well done! I am glad that you have remembered everything that we have learnt. Can you remember what we learnt in our Science lesson yesterday? What do we use to feel with?

  2. There are five senses
    The senses of sight for see things
    The senses of taste is our tongue
    The senses of smell is our nose
    The senses of touch is our hand
    The senses of hearing is our ears.

  3. I have learned about senses, eyes are for looking, hands are to touch, noses for smelling, ears are for listening and hearing and mouth is for tasting.

  4. My hand are for touching and if I didn’t have hands I could not touch things.
    My eyes for looking and if I did not have eyes I could not see where I am going.
    My tongue for tasting thing and swallowing things.
    My nose is for smelling things if it delicious or not.
    My ear are for hearing and listening to the teacher.

    We were focusing on tasting this week.

    There are 5 senses.

  5. Tongue for tasting
    Hand for touching
    Ears for listening
    Nos for smelling
    Eye for looking
    On this week we talk about tasting.
    We have 5 senses.

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