Our Spanish school visit

Hi Everyone,

We just wanted to share a video from our fantastic trip today to a Spanish school in Madrid.

We had great fun, they were so welcoming and had planned a heap of activities for us! 

We can’t wait to continue exploring Madrid tomorrow ☀️

19 thoughts on “Our Spanish school visit

  1. Wow! Have been keeping an eye on all the Spain visit blogs – you seem like you are all having great fun! Can’t wait to hear your stories when you come back!

  2. Brilliant video thank you to all the teachers and Mrs frankish for this amazing trip and also for making it a great experience for all the children

  3. This video is amazing thank you to Mrs Frankish and the teachers that have taken them in so happy to hear the kids are trying new foods 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  4. Lovely video!! Are you with the children Miss Dewar, not seen you in any photos? Children can take some of you.
    Keep on having fun and gaining, proud of you all.
    Mrs Frankish x

    • Don’t worry Mrs Frankish- I will make sure she’s in more tomorrow! Thank you, we are all having a lovely time! Apologies for the delay in the video, it took over an hour to get it onto YouTube! Can’t wait for more exploring tomorrow :)

  5. Looking forward to watching this video once it loads. Children and parents should realise just how lucky we are in the UK to have a speedy internet.

  6. Just chatting to Ryan, Ismail, Levi and Theo, they said the school was great and they learnt more about the Spanish! They enjoyed the restaurant and trying new food.

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