Our Super ‘Dixit’ Sentences.

Last week all of the Nurture group wrote fantastic sentences based on pictures from the board game ‘Dixit’.

We wrote multi-clause sentences and started each sentence with ‘When, While, Although or If’.

I have put 5 pictures from the game onto this blog. Using the words above to start your sentences, have a go at writing multi clause sentences for each of the pictures.

Don’t forget: capital letters, full stops and a comma to split your clauses.

Here is an example taken from Osman’s book; you can use this sentence to help you with your own.

“When the beautiful girl was in the middle of the deep sea, she was sad.”

13 thoughts on “Our Super ‘Dixit’ Sentences.

  1. While the girl was looking at the apple, the apple was growing. (Said by Lyba, scribed by Mr. Inman)
    While the policeman was doing the magic on the egg, the egg was breaking.
    (Said by Lyba, scribed by Mr. Inman)

  2. 1 While the girl was flying over the bike, a bird was following her.

    2.When the egg cracked the chicken was happy, the sky was dark blue.

  3. while the man standed,still he started to turn into stone.
    while the bike was riding its self,the girl was flying.
    when the women surrenderd,the light destroyed her.

    • While the man was standing,he started to turn into stone.
      While the bike was riding its self, the girl was flying.
      When the women surrendered,the light turned her into dust.

  4. When I was walking , I tripped over a stick.
    When the chicken saw the egg crack, he turned back.
    While the shell was open, The boy looked inside.

    • Good sentences Nadal, although you have put a capital ‘b’ in the middle of the last sentence, this may be because you completed the work on an Ipad… You need to check that Ipads don’t auto correct things.

    • Think about the start, what should it begin with? One of the words should be past tense as well. Well tried but can you make it better?

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