Our Time In RWhite

Hi RWhite. Mr Mahmood here. You have been amazing this year! You have shown me that you are kind, caring, respectful and determined to succeed. You have all worked very hard under tricky circumstances and you have made my first year of teaching unforgettable. Thank you for everything!

I have uploaded lots of pictures and a couple of videos that showcase the fun we have had together!
I hope you all enjoy re-living some of our wonderful memories.

What was your favourite memory?

24 thoughts on “Our Time In RWhite

  1. Thank you Mr Mahmood and Mrs Roberts and my other teachers you are so helpful and kind I will miss you my teachers.Have a nice summer holiday

  2. Hello Mrs Roberts , thank you for helping me with my learning, we had soo many good memories with you. I enjoyed doing activites with you. I will miss you Mrs Roberts.

  3. Hello Mr Mahmood you have been a great teacher to me. I learnt so much from this year. I know how to read and write my name. I will miss you and my friends because now I will be in year one.

    • Shemaiah, you are my superstar! Well done for everything! I am so proud of you and your journey. Keep gaining and I look forward to seeing you in September 😊

  4. Such lovely memories here! Carter has loved reception he never stopped speaking about his fun days at school with his teachers and friends. I just want to thank you all for helping carter with his reading and learning he has progressed so much and I am very very proud of him ❤️

    • I am also very proud of Carter. Carter has made so much progress this year and it was lovely to see him grow in confidence. Keep sharing that wonderful smile and I look forward to seeing you in September 😊

  5. Zak has throughly enjoyed his time in reception. He speaks fondly of his teachers and fellow classmates. With a big smile on his face. He has many memories that he often speaks of. Thank you for all the support and help in Zak’s learning. He has gained so much in the short time he has been in reception. We will look forward to seeing you in year 1.

    • Zaki has made so much progress and it has been lovely to see. Thank you for always being a supportive parent. I hope to see you on Friday, Zak 😊

  6. So beautiful memories. I really enjoyed time with my teachers. Thank you Mr. Mahmood for making my journey so memorable in reception class you are the best teacher i have ever had. My favourite memory was playing with my friends out side in the playground. i am going to miss reception playground as well.

  7. Thank you Mr Mahmood and Mrs Roberts for this beautiful reception memories and
    Thank you for being part of my reception journey and supporting my learning.I gained lots of in reception. You are a wonderful teachers and I will miss you all in year 1.

  8. Woow amazing pictures and videos, thank you from me and havin for helping her gain a lot in reception. Havin is gonna miss her reception teachers, especially mr mahmood. Cant wait for some year 1 memories. Thank you reception white xxxxxx 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    • Havin, my shining, smiling superstar! You have gained so much in RWhite and I have loved having you in my very first class! You have made me smile and laugh many times and I will never forget you ☺️

  9. Thank you so much Mr Mahmood for sharing all these beautiful memories. Hamza can’t choose only one memory because he love to remember all of the learning activities, playing, singing, costume days and the outdoor trips. Thanks for your kind support and pleasing personality that helped him to gain so much. He will definitely miss you but hopeful will have a great learning time in year one😊

    • Hamza has been a shining star this year! He has gained so much and I have loved seeing his journey. He will have an amazing year in Yr1 with an amazing teacher! 😊

  10. Beautiful memories thanks Mr Mahmood for everything. You were always very friendly With us Thts y I always felt confident when u were around.My favourite time was when we all went to a animals farm. I had a beautiful time there to see different animals I love animals. I hav a pet parrot at home aswell

    • I have loved seeing you grow in confidence, Aiza. You are a shining star who will gain even more next year. Keep sharing your beautiful smile 😊

  11. Beautiful memories created. Thank you so much for being part of Ilyas’ reception year journey and supporting his learning! Ilyas has definitely gained in reception. You are a wonderful teacher and we will miss having you as OUR teacher. We look forward to seeing you around though in Year 1!!

    • What a lovely comment! Thank you for belling a supportive parent who has helped Ilyas GAIN in so many ways. I will never forget him 😀

        • Ilyas has many Favourite memories which we will be putting in a book for his keepsake. I know he won’t forget you or Mrs Roberts. You have both been so caring and supportive in every way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mum ❤️

          • What a great idea! I am very happy and proud to be apart of Ilyas’s learning journey. Thank you for being so wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing you both this Friday 😁

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