Our trip

Some children from reception Red went to the farm today! We had a lovely time and, if you didn’t join us, we hope you had a lovely time too!

Challenge: talk to your family about each part of the trip: your journey, seeing the animals and your time at the park.

4 thoughts on “Our trip

  1. Noah said that the trip was great. He has learnt a lot of things. He liked the egg he’s got from the farm.
    Thank you so much teacher for organising the trip and for all the effort you’ve put in.

    Thank you for all the support with Noah’s learning. I just can’t thank you enough all Early year team and especially Mrs Carter and Mrs Hameed.
    Another special thanks to Mrs Frankish for being there all the time in supporting all the needs of the children and the parents.
    And thanks all the stuff in Broad heat.
    Have a lovely break everyone.

  2. Evie said ‘I enjoyed the farm trip! And Thankyou for taking us to the farm mrs Carter and mrs hameed ☺️
    Hope you like your present’

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