Our visit to the Council House

Today Year 6 had the opportunity to visit their local Council House. We were given a tour around the building and learned some interesting historical facts about the place. We were also given a talk about finance and how the council tax we pay is utilised and spent around Coventry.

  1. What did you learn about todays visit?
  2. If you were given a small amount of money from the council, what would you spend it on?
  3. How does the council prioritise what is important and where to use the money?
  4. Did you have fun?


9 thoughts on “Our visit to the Council House

  1. I have learnt that there are 54 councillors in Coventry altoghter and they are spilt in 18 and in the 18 wards,there are 3 councillors each,our ward (which is Foleshill ward in the City Centre) has a councillor we met called Abdul Khan and we asked him questions about current issue and how we could improve Coventry.Also,I learnt that there are many artefacts such as the sword in the ward and there is a room where Mary Queen of Scots was held by order of Queen Elizabeth the first and the door was so small,there was a painting of Queen Elizabeth and it meant she would have to bow to her cousin but she came out backwards.Futhermore,we went to a room that important documents and money was held an they didn’t trust one person so there were three people with keys and a person tried to steal the money but failed and was hanged to death.Moreover,I have learnt that the council spend £699,254,000 and 64% of this was given by government,17% was given by the citizens and 19% was given by businesses.

    If I was given a small amount of money,I would spend it on parks and gardens because there is not enough equipment and many parks are dirty and going to parks on a regular basis keeps people healthy and 64% of Britian go to parks once every month so we need enough resources for 36 million people.

    I really enjoyed the trip,thank you Mrs Janjua and Mr McCabe and everyone at the council house who taught us lots about the council.

  2. It was so fun Ms Janjua.
    I learned that the the room with black and white had was written in the window.
    I would spend on school education.
    The council budget 699,254,000

  3. I learnt that the council have a budget of 699,254,000 to spend on many things like social care, environmental services, leisure, waste disposal, parks and schools.

    64 percent of it is by the government.
    Citizens 17 percent.
    Businesses 19 percent.

    There has been only one female Lord Mayor called Pearl Hyde.

  4. My visit to the Coventry city council was amazing.I did not know that learning so much about council tax would be so interesting.
    I have found out that the budget that the council has is £699,254,000.
    The money that they have extra is called the reserve where the council use the money if there is any occasions. If I was to spend a small amount of money I would use it on adult social care as many adults are having various difficulties in life. For example cancer which has been most affected by.
    Thank you Mr Mcabe and Mrs Janjua it was the best trip ever!!!!!

  5. I learnt that the council has a budget of 699,254,000 pounds to spend. With a small amount of money I would spend half of it on social care and the other half of it on education. I would spend it on social care because elderly are suffering from disease. I would spend it on education because more refugees are coming into Coventry. I had lots of fun in the Council house.

  6. 1My visit to the Council house taught me lots of new and interesting fact. I learnt that the Coventry City Council have a budget of £699,254,000 to spend on many thing and places such as leisure centres, parks, schools, snow ploughs , littering, social care, and many more to name. The extra money from the budget is kept safe in a place called a reserve where the Coventry City Council can spend it in urgent matters. Most of the money is given by the central government(64%), citizens(17%) and businesses(19%).
    Another fact I learnt was that there have been 63 Lord Mayors in Coventry which started in 1953.Whilst there, I found out that the first Lord Mayor in Coventry was John Fennell and the first female Lord Mayor was Pearl Hyde.
    Also I learnt that secret documents and money was kept in a chest and had three keys all spread between three people; people never trusted one person.
    2.If I was given a small amount of money I would spend on Social care since many children and elderly suffer from problems, diseases and loneliness.
    3.I enjoyed the trip to the Council house and found the facts very fascinating.
    Thank you for this trip, thank you Mrs Janjua and Mr McCabe.

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