Out of this world learning.

RD have been Super Hero Learners. Look at the video to see all the learning that we have done.
1. Learn to read and write your word lists.

2.Choose a word from the word lists in your reading diary and write it in a sentence.

3. Write numbers to 20 and beyond. How far can you write to?

4. Write some addition sums.


5 thoughts on “Out of this world learning.

  1. Out of this world learning:

    1) Yes I do practise writing and reading my word list from my diary everyday.

    2) The, Went, My.

    I went to the park with my dad to play football.



    Additional counting:


    4) Addition sums:

    1+2= 3
    4+6= 10
    3+4= 7
    4+4= 8
    8+8= 16

  2. Looked-I looked in my bag

    With- I am with my mum and brother (Plaiza)

    This-This is a toy dinosaur.


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