Outdoor fun in the Summer time!


Nursery are having so much fun enjoying our outdoor area in the lovely weather!




We had the chance to go into the Reception area, and play on all the equipment we will have next year


We have even had snack time on the field, just like having a picnic!



We have been able to do great messy, creative jobs.

Year six have been helping us to use bats and balls. IMG_5904


Water fun is so much fun outside! We are learning to pour and move water.


And digging in the mud! We have been hunting to see if there is any treasure to be found!


We had a great opportunity to join in with sports stay and play with Reception and Year One. Our parents helped us to use lots of different equipment.


And we have had great fun exploring our new topic, Transport, and going on journeys on the wooden train, and building giant ships for all of our friends to fit in.

We have the great option of going outside everyday, now the weather’s getting warmer, children are able to bring hats to school, and on very hot days you could put a little sun cream on.

Thank you.



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  1. I have loved working with nursery we had lots of fun making a boat and we were all able to fit in! We were also able to make hot air balloons that was lots of fun! well done nursery looks like you’ve had lots of fun! :)

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