Owl Babies in RB

Another week full of learning ranging from making sets in Maths, using creative skills to make owls, making nests outside for owls and sorting nocturnal and diurnal animals. Well done RB! 

Which animals are nocturnal? 

Which animals are awake in the day? 

How did the owls feel in the story and why? 

7 thoughts on “Owl Babies in RB

  1. Owls foxes and badgers are nocturnal animals.
    Pigeons dogs squirrels cows horses sheep and hens are awake during the day.
    Baby owls were sad because mummy had to go hunting to find food.

  2. nocturnal animals . owls, bats,moths,spiders,skunks.porcupine,crickets,racoon.mole,fox.mouse.fireflyhedgehog,womnbat,koala,badger,grey wolf,cat,
    animals who are more active in the day are called DIURNAL..bee rabbit,duck ,rabbit ,bear,dog,gorilla,cow,sheep,bison ,giraffe,elephants.we are diurnal people are diurnal because we sleep in the night.
    the baby owls were sad because their mum had gone to get them some food from the woods

    • Well done Delilah all 3 answers are correct. You have even added more animals to your list for nocturnal and diurnal animals which shows great research. Please collect a prize on Monday! :)

  3. Foxes, owls, badgers, bats.
    Dogs,horses,monkeys, birds, cows, sheeps etc…
    The owl felt sad because he went to the moon. He was picked up and taken to the moon.

    • Well done Hudayfa answers to questions 1 and 2 correct. However, the owls felt sad because they were left by someone can you remember who it was?

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