Y6 GO Parks (Memorial Park- 8.6.22)

Every child in Y6 will be visiting Memorial Park on Friday 8th Jul 2022.
Please can I also remind parents you are welcome to attend the Sports Festival at 1.30pm tomorrow.

Must be in by 8.30AM
Aayan S/ Saira/ Saffiyah/ Aayan M/ Bilawal/ Meghana/ Umar/ Xavier/ Rahaniya/ Ravi/ Ibrahim/ Harroop/ Steven
Bolu/ Yahya/ Hajrah/ Praise/ Aisha/ Alexis/ Iqra
Leyad/ Jacob/ Esra/ Merab/ Musab/ Rayyan/ Rida/ Sheima/ Rahima/ Timothy/ Yalda

Every body else please make get to school before 8.40 so we can ALL leave on time

Please bring the following:
P.E. Kit (Sun cream/ sun hat)

-Water bottle
-Fruit/ Cereal bar/ healthy snack

Ice-cream (Bring £2.00-2.50)

We will be back before lunchtime.

Today we spent the morning in Memorial Park- boy was it great!

Japanese Garden/ Ice-cream treat


  1. I walked to memorial park it was fun I did sixteen thousand setups when we were just going it fun but when we were coming back I got so tried 🥵 at the end when we were coming back but in the park it was so fun I’ve enjoyed it.

  2. I really enjoyed today because I have done lots of steps by walking to memorial park and back. This made me very tired as we got to the park and to school.

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