Pantomime at Broad Heath

On Friday the children were lucky enough to have a pantomime come to our school.

Everyone enjoyed watching it because it was very funny, but also a little scary in places.

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The characters even had dinner with the children and staff.

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13 thoughts on “Pantomime at Broad Heath

  1. I enjoyed when KING RAT was killed by Aladdin in the sword fight. I think the main characacter in the story was Aladdin and Queen Jasmine.I had hidden my face and it was so funny when Aladdin and Queen Jasmine kissed each other.A very big thank you to all the teachers and Miss Frankish to allow this funny panto to happen!

  2. Thank you to Mrs Frankish for allowing us to have this amazing treat! I really enjoyed the pantomime and it was extremely funny!

  3. I loved the pantomime because it was very funny.Me and my friends saw the people who were doing the pantomime.It was a bit scary when King rat came on but the other parts were brilliant.The best part was when Dick whiten-son’s best friend (Tom) had a voice and my other favorite part was when King rat had to become D

  4. It was really funny! The stars of the Pantomime came to visit us in the staff room and told us how well behaved BH children were throughout the day and especially in the hall at lunch time. Well done children you showed our visitors how brilliant you are.

  5. My favourite character was the King Rat because he was funny at the end , and because his song was very nice . For a nice character I liked the fairy queen because she was polite and helped Winsington to get a job . It was very funny because cookie the aunt of Alice sang lots of loud and energetic songs which made everyone laugh a lot . Tommy the hungry cat was funny because Winsington described coconuts and palm trees and Tommy said I know that place it’s Broad Heath Primary school that part was absolutely hilarious A very Big Thank You to Mrs Frankish and all the staff who made this possible Thank You :)

    • Glad that you enjoyed it. All the children who attended were those children whose behaviour was excellent. Good children ALWAYS get rewarded at Broad Heath.

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