14 thoughts on “Parent Information

  1. My mum was not able to attend the meeting but has read all the information Rothko me progress and also to help the teaches and the school.

  2. Mummy wasn’t able to attend the meeting but she has caught herself up with all up to date information she needs to know to help my wonderful teachers

  3. My mum attended the parents meeting.she understand everything which gonna help me and my brother in our school.The session was v helpful.thanks to Head teacher reception teachers for explaing everything.Thank u Mrs shergill for lovely and amazing stay and play every week.its really nice to see our children’s progress and a chance to work with them in class.

  4. My dad attended the session and it was very helpful for me in my day to day activities. Got more information about the learning sessions, school etiquette and about helping myself. Thanks, Dahil and team for the session.

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