Parent Updates

Afernoon Parents and children,

We have completed 7 full weeks at school with one week left. We break up at the normal time next Friday 223rd October and return on Monday 2nd November. There is no teacher day. We only have one week as holiday and we have no idea if a circuit break will be introduced.We know as much as you.Keep looking at the blog and the school calendar section.

THANK YOU Parents for your magnificent support. We are doing very well under very challenging circumstances. The children are HAPPY, Making Progress and Loving school. We are proud of their efforts and their work.

I would also like to thank all of my staff who continue to give 100% at all times. YOU are a GREAT TEAM.

Next week is Arts Around the World week and there will be a blog put on Friday 23rd October in the TV media section. We will end this half term with a talent show on line. Parents too will be able to view it.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy all the wonderful things we do at Broad Heath.

J Frankish

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