Parents’ Travel Questionnaire

As part of our ongoing Travel Plan for the school we are committed to hearing parents’ views on how their children travel to school and anything you can suggest to improve this journey. Anyone who wishes to contribute should complete the attached questionnaire and return to the school by e-mail on
Or alternatively print and complete the form and hand in to the front office.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Travel Questionnaire – Parents

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One thought on “Parents’ Travel Questionnaire

  1. School Travel Plan – Family Survey

    Please fill in the survey form with your children to ensure that their views are heard alongside the views of adults.

    Q1: How does your child/children usually travel to school?
    Walk Cycle Public Bus School Bus Car Car share
    (with pupils from a different household) Train Taxi Other

    Q2: What do you like and dislike about the way that your child travels to school?
    They have to walk by their self and they meet see and stranger’s talk to them on the way to school.

    Q3: How would you improve their journey to school?
    Send a taxi to school.

    Q4: What do you think would encourage more parents and children to walk, cycle or use the bus?
    To drop the price or to have it free in the morning.

    Q5: Would you be interested in your child/children using a walking bus / park and stride scheme / car- sharing?
    Yes No No 

    Q6: Would you be willing to help run such a scheme? (See also Q8.)

    Yes No No Possibly 

    Q7: Would you consider becoming involved in developing our School Travel Plan, for example as a member of a working group?

    Yes No No
    Possibly 

    Q8: If so, please provide your contact details.
    NO than’s I do not have much time but I would want to.

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