Parts of a Plant

We have been learning about the parts of a plant and their functions. As a whole class we observed and drew a plant together and discussed the functions of each part.


What is the function of the…

  • root?
  • leaf?
  • stem?
  • flower?

5 thoughts on “Parts of a Plant

  1. The function of the root, it is the first part of the plant and it be’s under the soil. The root takes in water and the stem grows.
    The Leaf gets food from the sun to help the flower grow. The leaf grows from the stem.
    The stem helps the flower stand up straight. lots of flowers grow from the stem.
    The flower grows big if it has sun and water. The flower has different colors and smells nice. The flowers are bright and beautiful.

  2. ROOTS – their functions are to absorb water and minerals from the soil.
    STEM- the stem supports other parts of plants.
    LEAFS- a plant needs plenty of green leaves to be able to make sufficient food.
    FLOWERS- produce seeds.

  3. A root is a first part of a plant. A root needs water and sun to make a stem, there is one stem in a plant. A leaf grows from the stem and the sun helps the leaf to make food for the flower to eat and grow healthy.

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