Passports of Kindness

KS2 children who are currently in school have had access to a fantastic project linked to Coventry – City of Culture 2021. This is the PASSPORTS OF KINDNESS project.

We are only one of two schools that are taking part in this great opportunity.

The Passports of Kindness project will see the children, who are currently in school, issued with sticker books that they’ll be able to complete by performing ten acts of kindness.

Suggested acts of kindness might include things like making a cup of tea for mum or dad, phoning a grandparent for a catch-up, or writing a letter or a poem to give to someone. For each kind act they record in the book, the children taking part will receive a new sticker.

Reflection pages in the book also offer the children an opportunity to think about each act and how it makes them feel, with the aim of promoting positive mental health and wellbeing during this challenging period.

More information can be found here:

Well done for all of the children and teachers who are taking part.

Even if you are not taking part, you can still be ‘KIND’ in many ways!

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  1. I have mine and there really fun to do and I would love if we all start to be kind to everyone instead of meaning mean and getting bullied.

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