Patterns in Music

Somewhere over the rainbow’s STRUCTURE is A A B A coda.


Did you hear that the last return of the A section had a different feel about it?

The Opening A section is loud and heroic like the character’s deeds. The last A section show that the character has a softer side too. The Composer does this by changing some of the instruments playing the Indiana Jones theme.

If you can listen to the Raiders March using headphones you will get the best SYMPHONIC sound. The composer JOHN WILLIAMS uses Brass for his hero’s theme. Marion’s theme is lush sounding STRINGS. The composer shows that the hero is not just loud BRASSY music. The Hero is also sensitive.

John Williams is one of the very best COMPOSERS in the world. He has devoted his career to composing FILM SCORES using orchestral forces.

Listen to how different the Brass sounds for this dark, nasty character. It is very different to the Hero theme of Indiana Jones.

This next video is for those who want to hear more of JOHN WILLIAMS’s work.

It does not matter if you cannot yet read music. See if you can follow the shapes that you hear on the patterns on the screen.

John Williams is one of Film’s most prolific composers,

Can you research which films he has composed SCORES to?

Have you watched any of the films?

58 thoughts on “Patterns in Music

  1. I watched the Raider video and the section of A was a little different by making the sound more softer and more relaxing.
    I like the music Mr Russell thank you.

  2. John Williams Williams has composed some of the most iconic film music of all time, including for Superman, Indiana Jones, E.T., Harry Potter, Home Alone and War Horse. He has composed music for over a hundred films and is still actively composing today. His music features in the latest Star Wars trilogy.

  3. I watched to ” Raider of the Lost Ark; ” Desert Chase ” it is thrilling and tense music it makes you keep watching what will happen next. I like watching this it’s got action in it.

  4. I have watched Jurassic Park, The BFG, Star Wars and Harry Potter. He has composed for scoringJaws, Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan and three Harry Potter instalments.

  5. I listened to al of them.
    Here are some movies that he made music in: the book stealer, the post, Lincoln, Star Wars and many more.
    Yes I watched all the Jurassic park movies.

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