Another busy half term completed. Please can you send me a blog about what you have learned in your PE lessons this half term. Can I also have your thoughts about what we are doing and the people who have worked with us?


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    • Finding spaces is really important Summayah. All sportspeople need to be able to find spaces. Especially in team games. Wayne Rooney still works hard at trying to find spaces.

    • Finding spaces is really important Summayah. All sportspeople need to be able to find spaces. Especially in team games. Wayne Rooney still works hard at trying to find spaces.

    • Daniel – I’m going to use a long word now so you’ll need to look it up. But the skills you are learning in basketball will help you to use both hands so that you
      can become ambidextrous. Well done .

    • Bukumi – as you know the word ” multi ” means lots and I really do think that you have learnt lots and lots of skills with the PE team of teachers. You always try hard and you are doing really well. Keep trying hard.

  1. Today we have learnt in PE to dribble a ball little and big with 2 hands and 1 hand.The teachers we did this with was:
    Graham,Muj,and Mr Mountford.I enjoy this very much.The P.E lessons are amazing and the races are even better but the best of all are the teachers who teach it.The teachers are absolutely phenomenal(Graham,Muj and Mr Mountford.I have always loved doing P.E and I always will thanks to the teachers and their amazing lessons they have prepped up for us.

    A big THANK YOU to ALL the teachers who have taught us in P.E.

    • A big thank you too Alishba – thank you very much for your supportive comments.
      We are all pleased that you enjoy your PE lessons and enjoy learning

    • Omio – I think you practised bouncing the ball with your eyes closed to help you put your hands in the right position. You must remember to open them when you try to move with the ball.

  2. I liked playing rugby it is a fantastic sport and keeps you going! I have learnt that rugby players have to run at speed and never slow down also their eyes are most important to see where the ball goes
    Graham has taught us this phrase ‘ do the drills learn the skills

    (But i still prefer basketball)

    • Areeba – Thanks for your comment. The skills in Rugby are far different than the skills in Basketball. But whatever the sport – Do the drill, Learn the skill.
      You are doing very well in your PE lessons Areeeba, keep trying hard.

  3. We have been {6d} been with a coach mr Right . we have been learning the in’s and out of rugby as well as doing rugby we also have linked our rugby skills by doing a routine called the Haka . we do this to show how fears and aggressive we can be.

    • I think you mean “FIERCE and aggressive” Amaan. Have you seen the New Zealand rugby team (The All Blacks) doing the Haka Amman?. If you haven’t look it up on “you tube” and you will see the best rugby players in the world being part of a team, just like Broad Heath.

  4. This half term we have been learning about hockey. In hockey we have been learning, how to pass and how to play against each other. When you are playing, both of your hands should be on the stick. One should be at the top of the stick and the other hand should be at your arm length. Also we have been learning skills such as dribbling the ball around the cone. We have been playing against groups. When you are holding the stick, your knees should be bending.

    Graham has taught us this phrase ‘ If you learn a drill,you learn a skill’. Thank you Graham for teaching us the phrase that we will remember. Also thank to our coaches who have been teaching us.

  5. This half term with Mr Wright we have learnt that we have to hold the rugby ball with two hands aswell as being on the balls of our feet. We have learnt that we have gravitY NEXT TO OUR RIBS

    • How many times have you heard the PE teachers saying “two hands Chanelle , two hands! And it sounds like you have learnt it. Now all you’ve got to do is DO IT Chanelle.

  6. I learnt how to shoot,pass and dribble.I have also learnt that you hold your hockey stick stick half way down so you can keep control of the ball where as if you keep both your hands at the top you have less control to the ball.

    • Everyone has worked hard and enjoyed their basketball lessons Omar. There are lots of skills that need to be learnt too and we have some good pupils in Year 5 who have done well. Like yourself – well done.
      There is no reason why we can’t keep playing basketball and checking on our skills Omar.

  7. Thank you Mrs Frankish I can’t wait to play tag rugby I think everyone will be great at it if we all pay attention and learn all the skills.

    • It was Graham who answered. It is now me, Mrs Frankish writing this. Well done for answering. As a school councillor you are setting a good example, please ensure your class do the same.

  8. This half term I have learnt loads of new skills like doing a rugby pass backward. Also I have learnt about rugby like to do a run you have to cross the line with the ball with two hands. Other wise if you do it with one hand they will not count the run. I am not really sure what we could learn for the new half term but I hope it will be fun and where we can learn new skills.

    • Thanks for your comment Ciara. As I told the class last week I honestly think that learning how to catch, throw and run with a rugby ball is one of the hardest set of skills that you can learn.
      Just wait till we start to play the tag rugby game. You will be great because you are a fast runner.

    • Ciara I’ve just had another look at what you said and to make it clear I want to tell you that you can cross the line with the ball in one hand and you can score with one hand BUT all coaches teach pupils to run with two hand on the ball because it’s the BEST way to start learning to play.

  9. I liked the way m.r right let us warmup with fun games. i loved it when i lernt how to play rugby becouse i allways wanted to play rugby or lern how to play but never got tought till m.r right tought us.I liked the bit when we were in teams and we in mixed teans bcouse then you can concitrate more and you wont get distrackted by your friends.

    • I am pleased that you are enjoying the rugby lessons with Mr Wright Bilal. I know that you will really enjoy playing the game of “Tag Rugby” now that you have learnt the skills.
      Send me a blog telling me the skills that you have learnt.

  10. I have been doing hockey in PE with Mr Burgis. I have learned that you need to use two hands on the hockey stick so you can have a good grip. Another thing I have learned is that when you pass the puck, (hockey ball) your left leg goes out and then you pass the ball to your team players.

    • Haleema you have been doing really well in your PE lessons this half term learning the skills of hockey.
      We do play hockey with a ball though – you play with a puck in Ice Hockey. Its like a round thick disc that skims on top of the ice.
      Keep trying hard.

  11. In PE, I have learnt how to do the Haka. The Haka is a ceremonial war dance that involves chanting and aggression. It is performed by one team before a rugby match. I also have enjoyed learning a new sport (rugby) with Mr Right. I learned that you have to hold the rugby ball with two hands. This is because if you hold it with only one hand, your opponent will be able to grab the ball easily. However, if you hold it with two hands, it will be more harder to take the ball.

    • Humaira the All Blacks ( who are the best rugby team in the world) would be so proud to read your blog showing how much you have learnt about the game of rugby ( their national sport) and their culture.
      Mr Wright will be very proud too ( I’m proud of you aswell)

  12. I loved learning a new sport (rugby) with Mr Right.I love the way we warm up with fun games and I really liked how we did other sports using rugby skills.I learnt you have to keep two hands on the ball.This is because you want a good grip.

    • Please can you make sure that you get your friends to reply and do because your learning comments are essential to further improvements and planning?

    • Aliya – Rugby is one of the hardest games to learn and you have been trying really hard and doing really well.
      Two hands on the ball ( good skill) and then when you have the ball – run like the wind!