Peer and Self-Assessments of Adverts

Yesterday you created your own adverts which should have included the brand, product, slogan and an image. Furthermore, you were challenged to create humour by making a pun (play on words).

dairy milk advert destiny

Above is an example of an advert which was created in 4T.

What do you think is effective in the advert above?

What improvements could you suggest to make the advert better?

What would you do to improve your own advert?

Make sure you explain and reason!!! Also, use the key vocabulary for the unit of work such as; brand, slogan, product, audience, purpose.



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  1. 1. I think the effectiveness of this advert is that the face of the cow and a picture of “Dairy Milk”. It is effective because there is a connection between the cow milk and dairy milk chocolate. As we all know that chocolates are made out of milk.
    2. I suggest the improvements can be made by using clear words and showing out the big chocolate instead of the cow. Making the word to blend in with pun and slogan such as ‘yummy made with fresh milk’ or ‘love to have a bite’.
    3. I would do much more writing and not fit all of it in the whole chocolate bar. Make it more interesting/eye-catching. Make the slogan stand out and many other things. Make the writing more as an alternative don’t focus on the drawing only. :)

  2. In my opinion, I think this print advert eye catching because it has a big, bold
    picture of a cow,coloured in purple.I really like the pun, which is called yuooooo
    should buy one now,as I think it is funny and creative.This person has
    used colourful colours to make the print advert attractive to there audience.
    Also I like the drawing of the cow because it is really good.

    The improvements are that this person has not wrote the price.This person
    has not wrote his logo clearly however he has used a big picture of a cow.

  3. I think the colours and bold pictures are effective.I also think this print advert is eye catching.I really like the way this person has used purple trying to match it with the wrapper.This person has used the pun in a really nice way.Like uuuu instead of moooo.

    The improvements could be to show the brand really big so people know what they are going to buy.Next time try to show how much it is.Try to make it neat and clear.

    More pictures to make it eye catching.Bold brand to show what they’re buying.

  4. To make this advert better you need to make the brand bolder because when you see the advert first of all you can see the purple cow.For its milky goodness,the student could have done milky in purple because cadburys wrapper is purple.For the pun, instead of yu should buy one today the student could have used moo should buy one today.The work is not clear because the handwriting of it’s and goodness is really bad even though they thought of a chocolate effect.The colouring of the purple cow is not coloured in one direction so the cow looks messy.Where is the price?If there is no price that means the audience and consumers will think it is too much so they won’t buy the chocolate.Next time,the student could have done the logo much bigger because it was so small ,I couldn’t locate it.The pun should be in a bright colour so it doesn’t look dull.What are the crosses supposed to mean?

    The advert is effective because the advert is eye-catching so the audience will look at the bright colours and think wow I want to buy that.The dairy milk chocolate looks fantastic because the chocolate is opened a little so the audience can see the what the chocolate looks like.The pun is bold so people can see the humour in the advertiment.The cow looks effective because people will walk past and think yum I will want to eat that .

    I should improve my advert by drawing more pictures.i think I should do this because all I have drawn is the Chelsea shirt and shorts.I could have drawn the stadium of Chelsea which is Stamford bridge .I think is should have done the Chelsea badge more bolder because the audience can’t see the badge so the consumer might buy another football t shirt.

  5. My opinion is that this advert is bright and eye catching because this person has used different colours such as purple , blue ,brown and pink.I liked the pun that the person has used. It was “yoooooo
    should by one now”.
    This person could of added a brand and a price so the audience now where it comes from.Also he didn’t use good colour choices. One of the improvement I suggested was that product was very small.
    My advert could’ve been improved by using a pun in my slogan.

  6. I think the print advert by destiny is effective by the slogan and the colourful images.I also like the image of the cow which linked to the slogan and the colour which is linked to the brand.

  7. Destiny’s work is good because the pictures were colourful and matches with the products colour.The slogan was good because it matches the products name.

    the thing that she could improve in it the colour

  8. In my print advert, the diagram is effected because it links to the product.
    I used humor and a pun by drawing a cow and writing yoooooooooooou should buy one now and cows moooooooo

  9. In Destinys print advert, the image is affective cause it links to the advert because the cow was purple and the product wrapper is purple.She has also made it good because yooooooo must bye it now cows go moooooooooo.She can make the slow gun more bigger because it’s a main thing.

    My work is good because I added lots of detail.

  10. I think the slogan is effective in this advert, as it is big and bold. The image of the cow is effective, because it is easy to see and this person has coloured the cow in purple, as the advert is for Cadbury’s dairy milk. I also think the pun is effective, as it uses yoou as a joke because cows make a mooing noise. The advert could be improved by making the Cadbury’s logo visible to the viewers and audience. The image of the purple cow should be smaller and the image of the chocolate bar should be larger and the writing on it shouldn’t be wonky or messy. This advert is missing a price because if someone was going to buy a chocolate bar they wouldn’t know how much it would cost. Also, the colours are not appropriate for Cadbury’s chocolate.
    I could improve my work by adding more people in my image and making my slogan bigger, more visible and less boring (I didn’t colour it in prise bubble writing). I could improve my work by making the title more big and bold and make my page more colourful.

  11. I think this advert is effective because it has a bold tittle which stands out so people can read it clearly.Also the cow picture is effective because it has colours that blend in with the picture.The improvements that I could suggest is put the cow picture in a corner or make it smaller because it is not the product,the product is Cadbury chocolate so this person should of made the product bigger not the decoration.The colour doesn’t blend in with the tittle should they should of put purple instead of the colour blue. To make this more effective they could of put chocolate drops dropping down from the tittle to make this better.

    To improve my advert I should have wrote my tittle a bit better by having different colours to represent Lego bricks because Lego bricks are known to be bright and colourful. The image could of been improved by having a Lego character at the bottom and then have the Lego blocks in the background,these characters are good in this piece of work because it relates to Lego bricks.This advert could of been better by having a price for the Lego model.

  12. The affective things in the text is the cow.The cow is purple so it is the same colour as the brand.She has used a pun which is play on words.
    A improvement is that she should’ve wrote brand in bold or people won’t know who’s product Dairy milk Is.It does say Cadburys on the chocolate bar at the top of the page but people won’t be able to see what is says.

    I could of improved my own by using the brands colour which is purple.I should of have done a purple outline on the chocolate from the inside of the picture of a dairy milk chocolate bar.I should’ve used a pun.

  13. In the advert she linked the same colour of the wrapper of the product and she use a image of a cow which said yooou should buy one which is a pun! So that’s how she made it quite effective because it’s funny and relates to the product.
    She should make sure her bubble writing is quite clear for people to read because it is not clear for readers and she should use more images in the print poster and to stand out use some stars around the cowand with a black crayon go over the chocolate bar. This would make the product clearer to the intended consumers.
    I should have improved my work by drawing some pictures and use more attractive words to describe the the dairy mik chocolate bar.

  14. In Destiny’s print advert,the image is effective because it links to the product.the only thing that could be improved is to draw the dairy milk a bit more dark purple ,however the cow is dark purple so the dairy milk should be dark purple so is stands out for the product.also at the top where she writen dairy milk she could have written carbary a bit bigger or she could of written it big in the corner of the the adver she has used every think Such as,product,brand,image, pun and so on.also in the advert the is lots of colour and detail.

    In my own work I could improve on adding more images and detail to my advert.i could also try to use a little bit more colour and try to make my slogan make sense.however I think my work is good as well.i could try to make my images more smaller and try to fit a bit more images into my advert.also I could try to use lots and lots of punctuation because I don’t have a lot of them.i should write what ages they are for because the could choke on the chocolate bar if they are little

  15. In my opinoin this print advert is very eye catching. The writer has used a great pun and slogan. However the writer has forgot two vey important features; the price and brand. The cow is more accurate than the prouduct so people don’t really know what there are buy.Your slogan is creative however it is crinched together.

    In my advert my writing could be more clear

  16. I think that the print advert above is kind of eye catching as they have used a calligram to show that ‘ it’s milky goodness ‘ is chocolate. I think that the print advert needs more improvement because they have not put price

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