6 thoughts on “People Who Help Us: RNLI

  1. RNLI stands for Royal National Life boat Institution.

    I did not know about this but after watching the video I learnt that the RNLI save people in the water in many ways and also give advise about water safety.

    This is a very good video.

  2. I didn’t know who the RNLI were but after watching the youtube video i learnt that the RNLI are like policemans but they rescue people in the sea

  3. I now know that lifeboats cover the Uk and the republic of ireland. I now know that 93% of the RNLI rescue occur with 5 moles of shore.

  4. I didnt know anything about the RNLI before watching the video. Now I know that they save people out at sea. They use hovercrafts, which are super cool, and speedboats and other cool types of boats. They are lifeguards too.

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