Perimeter in year 5

This week in year 5 we have been looking at the perimeter of rectilinear shape. Watch Kaiden and Arshdeep showcasing their learning.

can you answer these questions.

what is a rectilinear shape?

what is the perimeter of a shape?

Can you make your own shape and put in lengths and work out the perimeter? Bring me your shapes so I can check them.




8 thoughts on “Perimeter in year 5

  1. A rectilinear shape is a shapes that has straight lines and it made out of rectangles
    What is means to “find out what the perimeter is” is when you find the length of all the side of a shape and add them together. For example:
    A square has 4 sides and each side is 10cm you would need to add all the 10s together or do 4×10 and the answer is 40. So what you can write is” The perimeter of this shape is 40cm “

  2. A rectilinear shape are shapes made from multiple lines going different ways.
    A perimeter of a shape is the whole size of it all together such as 20cm on the left and right, 40cm on the top and bottom, forming 120cm.

  3. A rectilinear shape is made up out of different rectangles.
    A perimeter of a shape is the size of the shape for example…
    45+35=80. So the perimeter of the shape is 80cm.

  4. A rectilinear shape is a shape made from different types of rectangles.
    The perimeter of a shape is the size of the shape like 150cm.

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