Perseverance Maths in 5 Blue 🔵

This week, 5 Blue have been independently completing a series of maths challenges in small groups. They had access to any resources they wanted to complete them. The only rule they were given is that they had to use this key word of the week, “perseverance”.

Here is some of their videos, explaining how they got their answers:

Well done 5B- lots of hard work and effort went into maths this week! 

Who can tell me what perseverance means? How did you and your group use it? What have you gained this week? 

I look forward to hearing your responses.

Miss Starkey 💫

13 thoughts on “Perseverance Maths in 5 Blue 🔵

  1. Perseverance means when you never give up,and always try your best.
    In maths I have learnt tricky maths such as Roman Numeral.I had a
    Growth Mindset in maths and helped my team if they didn’t understand.

  2. Perseverance means to never give up.
    Me and my group used it by telling others how to do something and not giving up.
    I have gained this week in maths by remembering everything I learnt and having a growth mindset.

  3. Perseverance means when you never give up.

    Our group should this by making a mistake and learning from it.

    I have gained working as a team and learning how to learn to work with different people.

  4. Perseverance mears to never give up.This week I have learnt how to solve some tricky maths problems and I have also learnt that in maths you need to have a growth mindset.

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