Pets In Year 1!

As part of our animal antics learning in Science we are going to be learning about pets and animal care over the next 2 weeks.

If you have a pet at home could you please bring in a picture of them looking as cute as possible. 

We will need this by Wednesday as we will be looking at what makes a good pet in our Science lesson then. We will talk about features of different pets so have a think about how you could describe your pet or a pet you know of. 

To help give you some ideas have a look at the pets that your teachers have at home! We will be bringing our pet photos in too. 


Miss Sargent’s cat Hugo.


Miss Addie’s dog Dolly. 


Mr Stevenson’s hamster Emily. 


Mr Anderson’s dog Rufus.

Can anyone describe the teacher’s pets?

Why do you think they make good pets?

Can you think of any animals that would not make good pets? Why not?

There is also a really fun game on the RSPCA website to help you learn about animal care and pets!


Don’t forget your pet photos for Wednesday if you have one!

6 thoughts on “Pets In Year 1!

  1. Miss Sargent’s cat is fluffy and dark with black and grey fur.
    Miss Addie’s dog is black and furry.
    Mr Stevenson’s hamster is small and it has hair all over his body.
    Mr Andersons dog is big. It is black and white.

    Some cats do not make good pets because they scratch.

  2. Miss Sargent your cat Hugo looks very fluffy and cuddly! I love his bushy tail, I bet it is very soft!
    Mr Stevenson your pet hamster has big brown eyes and small pink ears. She looks like she gets up to mischief!

  3. Miss Sargent’s cat Hugo looks very cuddly, furry and cute.It has golden yellowish eyes, sharp claws and pointed ears.

    Miss Addie’s dog Dolly looks really cute with the big smile showing his teeth, it is fluffy and the hair on his mouth looks like moustache.He’s wearing a brown belt around his neck with a silver heart in it.

    Mr Stevenson’s brown and white hamster looks super cute with his dark brown eyes but it is not clearly visible in the picture.

    Mr Andersenson’s dog Rufus looks amazing in black and white colour and black head. He looks like a rescue dog:)

    I think they all make very good pets because they all must be vaccinated , taken good care and our teachers are very responsible so they must be doing good grooming and training of these pets, and they should be taken to vets if ill.

    I think lion, tiger and other carnivores can not be kept as pet because they are dangerous with sharp teeth and claws and can prove to be fatal for our surrounding and neighbourhood.

  4. I like Miss Sargent’s pet cat Hugo because its very furry and soft.

    It looks like a good dog and listens to Miss Sargent.

    I think Elephant would not be a good animal because he is so big and fat. Also keep blowing his trunk and will keep making loud noises.

  5. I Like Miss sargent pet cat Hugo .It looks very fluffy and cute.It has gold eyes and is black ang grey in colour.
    Miss Addie dog is very cute and it has a necklace around his neck.
    They make good pets because they wont hurt anyone,they listen to people and they wont make a mess.

    I think a Lion would not be a good pet because he can eat people and he is very dangerous.

    I think Monkey would not be a good pet also because he keeps on swinging around the house and will damage things.

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