Phases of the Moon toys πŸŒ•

This week in Science, Year 5 were exploring the different phases of the Moon. To demonstrate their learning, they then worked independently to create a “Moon toy” using paper and plastic cups. The rationale behind it was that if you turned the cup, you could see the order of the moons.

This is 5 Blue making the toys:Β 

Here are some pictures of the finished product:

Did you enjoy making the toys? What have you learned about the Moon? πŸŒ•

9 thoughts on “Phases of the Moon toys πŸŒ•

  1. it was fun making a moon and earth ,sun.
    i have learned night skyand the earth is next to the moon.
    the earth,moon go round in 24 hour

  2. It was fun making the phase of the moon toy.
    I have learned that the moons changes by the sun light and when the moon goes around earth.

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