Phonics- 1Blue 06.07.21

Happy Tuesday! Please find your phonics group and watch the teach!

Activity- Can you think of anymore words with the grapheme in? Comment below.

Mrs T Phonics group– (Halima S and Max) oo: poo at the zoo

Miss Jackson’s group (Sandra, Shumiyah, Musa)- air: that’s not fair.

Miss Smith’s group (Esa, Sami, Jari, Simeon, Ebun, Isaiah, Yusuf) – u-e: huge brute

Mrs Mattu’s group (Faris, Halimah K, Ahyan, Ameera)- ire: fire fire.

Mr Mahmood’s group (Tasneem, Adnan, DJ)- are: care and share.

Miss CW Phonics (Emil, Minnah, Eesaa, Toleen, Eliza, Nick, Alisha, Neda)- Reading Comphrension


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    • Well done superstar! Please practise the sound that your group is meant to be doing. Your sound today was u-e under Miss Smiths phonics group.

  1. 1 The mermaid went to visit her grandma.

    2 The expanded noun phrase is ‘bright beautiful sunshine’.

    3 The mermaid swam quietly past the shipwreck because she did not want to wake up the grump, old shark as she heard he was snappy.

    4 I think she woke the grumpy old shark.

  2. 1. The Mermaid went to visit her Grandma, across the other side of the bay.
    2. ‘Bright, beautiful sunshine’
    3. The mermaid swam quietly across creepy shipwreck because of the grumpy, old shark. He was very snappy.
    4. I think that the mermaid is going to wake up the old shark and he is going to eat her.

    • Well done superstar. However the sound you are looking at today is u-e. Look for your phonics group on the list, your name has been written on it.

  3. 1. The mermaid went to visit her grandma.
    2. Bright, beautiful sunshine.
    3. The grumpy old shark lives there.
    4. She will get eaten by the shark.

  4. 1. The mermaid went to visit her grandma.
    2. Bright and beautiful.
    3.The mermaid swam quietly past the shipwreck because there is a grumpy old shark living there.
    4. I think the shark woke up and chased the mermaid, but she swam away really quickly. The shark then got stuck in a small window in the shipwreck, and the mermaid lived happily ever after.

  5. 1. Who did the mermaid go to visit?
    The mermaid visited her grandma.
    2. Find and copy the expanded noun phrase used to describe the sunshine?
    The bright, beautiful sunshine.
    3. Explain why the mermaid swam quietly past the creepy shipwreck?
    Because the grumpy, old shark lives there and he is very snappy.
    4. What do you think might happen next?
    I think the shark will chase the mermaid.

  6. 1. The mermaid went to visit her grandma.
    2. bright,beautiful
    3. she swam quietly because she did not want to wake up the grumpy shark .
    4. I think she will wake up the shark and then he will be angry.

  7. Diary of a mermaid

    1, Her grandma .
    2, Bright beautiful.
    3, Because of the grumpy shark is very snappy .
    4, The shark woke up an ate her all up .

  8. I share my toys.
    I help take care of my sister .
    We are going to the park.
    I have a spare football.
    I scare my mum sometimes.
    I stare out the window .
    I have been on an Areoplane .

    Aeroplane . Share . Stare . Hare. Bare . Flare . Aware .

    • DJ you have found lots of words with are.
      Did you known bare is a homophone . You can have bare and bear they sound the same but have different meanings, Do you know what bare means?

      • Thank you !
        Yes I do .
        Bear means a big grizzly bear or a cute cuddly bear.
        Bare means the room has nothing in or something is naked. My mum discussed these words with me .

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