Phonics- 1Blue 07.07.21

Happy Wednesday! Please find your phonics group below and watch the teach!

Activity- Apply your learning of your new sound and can you tell an adult some sentences verbally. Comment on the blog below!

Mrs T Phonics group– (Halima S and Max) oo: look at the book.

Miss Jackson’s group (Sandra, Shumiyah, Musa)- ir: whirl and twirl.

Miss Smith’s group (Esa, Sami, Jari, Simeon, Ebun, Isaiah, Yusuf) – ai: snail in the rain.

Mrs Mattu’s group (Faris, Halimah K, Ahyan, Ameera)- ear: hear with your ear.

Mr Mahmood’s group (Tasneem, Adnan, DJ)- aw: yawn at dawn.

Miss CW Phonics (Emil, Minnah, Eesaa, Toleen, Eliza, Nick, Alisha, Neda)- Reading Comphrension


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  1. 1) Dilly found the cave made from chocolate.
    2) Because Dilly was very scared. he thought the Monster will eat him.
    3) Cried and Moaned.
    4)#This soup was thick.
    # This soup was lumpy.
    # This soup was just right.

  2. 1. Silly found a chocolate cave in the mountains.
    2. I think Silly ran all the way home after meeting the monsters because he was scared of them.
    3. Cried and moaned.
    4. This soup was just right – 3.
    This soup is too thick – 1.
    This soup is too lumpy – 2.

  3. 1. Dilly found a cave of chocolate.
    2. Dilly waw scared.
    3. Cried and moaned.
    4. The soup is too thick, the soup is too lumpy, the soup is just right.

  4. shirt
    my shirt is white.
    first ,we bought food.
    she is a tall girl.
    he got third position.
    i am thirsty.
    may i come in sir?
    i love birds.

  5. 1. A cave made from chocolate.
    2. He was scared.
    3. Cried and moaned
    4. 1 this soup was too thick
    2 this soup is too lumpy
    3 this soup is just right

  6. Faris has watched the video and here are his sentences:
    My house is near to the school.
    I have a fear of spiders.
    I can hear my dad talking to Noah.
    I can hear my little brother snoring!

  7. 1. What did Dilly find in the mountains?
    Dilly found a cave made from chocolate.
    2. Why do you think that Dilly ran all the way home after meeting the monster?
    Because he was very surprised and scared.
    3. Find and copy two words from the text that the author has used instead of ” said “?
    cried and moaned.
    4. Number these lines from 1 to 3 to show the order that they appear in the text.

    1. This soup is too thick.
    2. This soup is too lumpy.
    3. This soup was just right.

  8. 1Dilly found a cave made out of chocolate 🍫 .
    2 I think 🤔 he was scared😱 of the monsters.
    3 He cried and he moaned.
    4 This soup is too thick, this soup is too lumpy and this is just right.

  9. 1. Chocolate cave.
    2. Dully was surprised an d he thinks monsters want eat him.
    3. “He cried”. “He moaned”
    4. 1) this soup to thick
    2) this soup to lumpy
    3) this soup was just right.

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