Phonics- 1Blue 08.07.21

Happy Thursday 1Blue! Please find your phonic group and watch the teach!

Activity- Write sentences in the comments using your new grapheme.

Mrs T Phonics group– (Halima S and Max) ee: what can you see?

Miss Jackson’s group (Sandra, Shumiyah, Musa)- ou: shout it out.

Miss Smith’s group (Esa, Sami, Jari, Simeon, Ebun, Isaiah, Yusuf) – o-e: phone home.

Mrs Mattu’s group (Faris, Halimah K, Ahyan, Ameera)- er: a better letter.

Mr Mahmood’s group (Tasneem, Adnan, DJ)- ow: brown cow.

Miss CW Phonics (Emil, Minnah, Eesaa, Toleen, Eliza, Nick, Alisha, Neda)- Reading Comphrension


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  1. note
    i have a £5 note.
    the pipes froze and now they leak.
    i bought a new stove.
    he broke the table.
    your nose is bleeding.
    close the door.

  2. 1) 22 years old.
    2) I think Stardust in the Zoo.
    3) she is shy creature.
    Her hooves and horn are bright pink.
    4) where do you been Stardust?

  3. 1 22 years old
    2 I think she’s gone to Forests because Forests are a big place.
    3 shy bright pink creature.
    4 Is stardust a magical unicorn?

    • Isaiah you completed some lovely learning today. I have enjoyed listening to videos too super language and creative work produced.⭐️

  4. 1.. How old is a student
    She is 22 years old.
    2.. Where do you think stardust
    I think she is hiding some where might in vox zoo be .
    3..find and copy 2 adjectives which are used to describe bright pink.
    She creature bright pink.
    4..write a questions about stardust the that
    You would like to find out the answer to.
    What does stardust like to do..

  5. 1. Stardust is 22 years old.
    2. I think she must be in the forest where she was born.
    3. Bright and shy.
    4.What is your magical power and can we be friends please.

  6. 1. How old is Stardust?
    22 years old.
    2. Where do you think Stardust might be?
    I think she is hiding somewhere in Vox zoo.
    3. Find and copy 2 adjectives which are used to describe Stardust?
    Shy creature, bright pink.
    4. Write a question about Stardust that you would like to find out the answer to.
    What does Stardust like to do?

  7. I like to blow bubbles .
    I jump up and down on the trampoline.
    I can throw a ball far .
    I like the colour brown.
    We walk into town sometimes .

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