Phonics Butterfly- a-e sound

Hello 2C, the Phonics Butterfly is back with a new sound! Look below to find your table challenges.

butterfly a-e


Can you name any words that have the a-e sound in?

Use the video below to help you:

Butterflies and Bees

Log onto I am learning and find the phonics: a-e homework.

Spiders and Ladybirds

Can you think of any a-e words and put them into sentences?

For example:

  1. I had to run for the bus because I was late.
  2. When a whale splashes it makes a big wave.
  3. I love to taste my mum’s baked cakes.

(I am learning homework is available for everyone.)

5 thoughts on “Phonics Butterfly- a-e sound

  1. tape shape I eta my cake.
    cake grape I fish in the lake.
    make skate grapes is a frout.
    lake stale i use tape.
    cage kale i make cakes at home.
    fake male i have a cage.
    fase late i ran beacaus i was late.
    age my age is 8.

  2. Spiders Challenge
    Reading:I was reading lots of books
    Teachers:I learn with my teachers
    Favourite:My favourite object is my teddy bear
    Characters:In the story,my best character was Biff
    Heath:I got to Broad Heath primary school
    Speaking:I speak to my little sister

    • At the zoo I saw a ape and he was very strong.
      I use a tape to do face mask.
      My lovely rabbit sitting in the cage.
      My face is very kind to other people.
      In 2c I learn about shapes.
      I eat at home grapes.
      In park I saw very fast skate.

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