Phonics Butterfly- ur family

This weeks Phonics Butterfly challenge is based on the…

butterfly a-e

Can you find all the ur family words within the piece of text below?

Use the sound mat to help you.

ur family

Today me, my mother, father and sister all went out for lunch because it was my sisters birthday. We searched and searched for a place nice to eat. Finally we found a cafe! it was superb inside. I knew I was going to order a burger but I was thirsty as well. I then asked for a glass of ice cold water. Our food arrived at our table, I ate up all my food so I  began to feel very full! After all that, I still wanted a slice of the delicious birthday cake.

8 thoughts on “Phonics Butterfly- ur family

    • A lot of these words have the correct spelling but not the correct sound, good try. I am looking for words that make the ur sound such as fur, shirt and germ.

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