Phonics Butterfly- w/wh

2C you have been working very hard over the past couple of weeks completing your SATS but it can’t stop now! The Phonics Butterfly is back with a new sound. 

w wh

Look at the picture below which contains some w/wh words.


Can you use these words to create alliterative sentences?

(try and include your own w/wh words)

For example: William and Wilma waited while Wally went wrestling with the white whale.

3 thoughts on “Phonics Butterfly- w/wh

  1. The giraffe drank the delicious *water*.
    There were *wild* creatures in the woods.
    On the bus there are four *wheels*.
    *Wilma* *went* to the *waiter*.
    In the park there was a *wide* *wall*.

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