Today, 3 Red went out to the Maths area and created a pictogram using natural objects and P.E. equipment. Children were able to explore how each object represents 1. They were able to identify how data can be represented in different ways. 

Pictogram created by 3R. 
Counting objects from the pictogram. 

How does the pictogram help you understand the information?

Which is the greatest amount?

Which is the smallest amount?

What other questions could you ask about the pictogram?


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  1. It is because it represents how much there are very clearly.
    The biggest amount was the cones because it had 31 cones .
    The smallest was the twigs,feathers and leaves .

  2. That’s because it represents all of the information in groups.
    The greatest amount was the cones because their were 31 of them and their was nothing else more bigger than the that.

  3. Because it tells you how much objects there are, number of things there are now small the amount is and you can read it clearly.
    The cones were the greatest amount because there was 31 cones.
    The smallest amount was the twigs, leaves and feathers.
    How is a pictorgram made?
    What is it about?
    Why does it tell you about about a of objects?
    Why is there a variety of objects?