Pictorial Strategies for multiplication

Todays learning objective was to use pictorial strategies and the formal written method to solve problems.

After a times table warm up we stuck a place value grid to the tables and used counters to represent a number. Depending on what we were multiplying by duplicate counters were added. To find the answer counters were exchange when there were more than 10 in each column. we represented this in our books.

Using the formal written method calculations were solved using the counters if needed to show the exchange.

How did you gain in this lesson today?

4 thoughts on “Pictorial Strategies for multiplication

  1. In this lesson, I gained confidence in multiplying 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers and showing my methods pictorially. I also used the RUCSAC method to aid my learning.

  2. In this lesson, I gained by, learning how to use formal written method confidentiality. I developed on my pictorial method and am not confused on it anymore.

  3. In this lesson, I gained by learning how to multiply 4 digit by 2 digit numbers, to do this, I used my prior knowledge of times tables and did the method step by step.

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