Planting and Growing

Do you remember when we were learning about planting and growing? Do you remember what seeds needed to grow? Kenan planted some seeds and he has been very patiently and carefully looking after them. Here is the result!

Well done Kenan! How did you do it?

Below are some photos of Lusardo’s plants and a before picture from when he first sowed the seeds. Another success! Super work Lusardo!

Ibraheem seeds are growing into healthy plants!

17 thoughts on “Planting and Growing

  1. I have planted some peas and flowers my mum got me planting set for my birthday I will send some picture .

    1. Get the soil
    2. Make a hole in the soil.
    3. Put the seed inside it and cover it either soil
    4.give water to it
    5. Plant grows a root.
    And stem will come out
    6 my plants will be ready in a few weeks

    • Hello Yunus. It is lovely to hear from you. Great instructions. I would love to see a photo. Thank you so much.

      Remember … capital letters please at the the beginning of your sentences.

  2. Well done year 2 I am so impressed reading your comments and looking at the photographs of your plants. You have remembered lots about our
    Previous learning in Science.

  3. When we done our garden we built a raised bed using railway sleepers and we put soiling compost behind it.
    We put some seeds and watered them and watched them grow slowly.

    • *When we done our garden…. OR
      When we did our garden….*
      Make sure to read your sentences back, Ibraheem.
      What conditions are best to grow plants?

  4. Well done kenan and lusado I miss you too and all my friends I planted seeds last week too but they didn’t come out yet.
    1. Put soil in a pot
    2. Then put the seed carefully.
    3. Cover the seed with more soil.
    4. Sprinkle water on top regularly .
    5. Put the pot outside in the sun.

  5. I put the seed in cotton, kept it in sun and gave it water everyday for a week, then I place the embryo plant 🌿 in soil so that the plant get minerals and do photosynthesis to become green.
    I am looking after it everyday 😍👍

  6. We need:
    1)put seed in the soil.
    2)warter the seed.
    3)put in the sun.
    4)roots start to grow.
    5)slowly the stem starts to grow.
    6)it is ready.

    • Super instructions Ling. Don’t forget to always use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and read your sentences to check that they make sense please.

      Put the seed in the soil.


  7. We need
    How a plant grows
    First, we plant a seed.
    Next, the roots grow.
    Then, stem grows after.
    After that, leaves grow beside the stem and then the flower starts to rise.

    • Hi Dumi! How are you?
      Can you remember when we learning how to grow plants?
      Can you write some some instructions on how we did it…. remember to add imperative verbs (bossy verbs).

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