Year 4 Play script reading challenge

This half term we have been exploring playscripts below is a PDF document which includes lots of different playscripts, choose one of your favourite playscripts and complete the challenge below.

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Create a story map of the new play script, representing each scene.
Use images, key words, display this creatively.

Use your inference skills to identify the characters feelings to re-write the script including more stage directions. 
Write the script, include a range of stage directions.
(Remember stage directions needs to be present tense)

Like we did in class this half term, you have the opportunity to use one of the playscripts as an idea, but change and re-write the script with a twist.
E.g. Cinderella was changed to Cinderman.

Feel free to complete this task in groups, once you have drafted your playscript, feel free to perform this to your teachers and classmates.


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  1. Cinderella

    Cast of characters:cinderella,fairy godmother, step sister1,
    Step sister2,prince
    Narrator: once upon a time there lI’ve a girl called cinderella she had some bad step sisters they bossed cinderella around.

    Step sister 1 : (furiously) CINDERELLA! Irone my cloths.

    Cinderella: (quietly) done…….

  2. Silver challeng

    Scene 1

    Narrator: Once upon a time there lived a princes called Cinderella she did a lot of work the only time she got a breac was when she wheat to sleep.

    Stepsister: Have you clean my room

    Cinderella: (sadly) yes your room is spotless

    Stepmother: Have you polished my shoe so I can see my reflection

    Cinderella: (No hopes) yes I will polish your shoe in till You can see your reflection

    Step mother: Grate better happen soon

    Narrator: Cinderellas step mother and step sister did not treat her well

    Narrator : The next day

  3. Cinderboy

    Characters,Cinderboy, Step brothers,Genie,Narrator,Mum,Dad

    Step Brothers:CINDERBOY!


    Brothers:Did you polish my shoes

    Cinderboy: yes I did

    Brothers:Now clean The washing

    Cinderboy: Okay

    Mum:Play with Cinderboy don’t boss him around

    Brothers:Okay Mom

    Narrator: Suddenly a invitation arrived

    Cinderboy:There’s an INVITATION to the royal FOOTBALL Match


    CINDERBOY:I can come too

    Brothers: NO YOU CANT!

    GENIE:Cinderboy I will make u go to the football match

    Cinderboy:Thanks GENIE!

    BROTHERS:HOW did he get here!





  4. Scene 1
    character list:Cindeboy step brother 1,2 and fairy godmother
    (At Cindeboy’s house meanwhile Cindeboy was cleaning the stairs).
    step brother 1:Have you cleaned my room!(screaming)
    step brother 2:Have you cleand my room too!!!
    step brother1:Have you cleaned the dishes.
    Step brother2:Have you made breakfast
    step brother1:So bring it here then!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Silver challenge

    Cast of characters : Cinderella ,stepsister 1, stepsister 2, fairy godmother ,prince.

    Narrator: once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl called Cinderella. Sadly for Cinderella, she had two ugly stepsisters who bossed poor Cinderella around as if she were a slave.

    Stepsister 1:(furiously) CINDERELLA ! Have you ironed my clothes?

    Cinderella (softly) done!

    Stepsister 2:(aggressively) CINDERELLA ! Have you made breakfast?

    Cinderella :(shyly) just done!

    Stepsister 1: (angrily) well then go make yourself useful and clean out the gutters, you fool!

    Cinderella : ( voice lowering) ok!

    Narrator: One faithful day, an invitation to the royal ball arrived and since the horrendously hideous stepsisters were so mean, they locked poor Cinderella in the 2nd hand basement and went to the ball themselves.

    Cinderella :(in tears) why is it always me! I do so much for my sisters but recive nothing in return.( sitting on floor crying)

    Narrator : Then ,out of nowhere,the unexplainable happened and … A magic fairy popped up!

    Cinderella: (gasping) umm, excuse me but who are you!

    Fairy godmother: Why, I am your fairy godmother dear and I am going to grant you your wish and let you go to the ball! However, you must come back by 12 or face the consequences .

    Narrator: And, just like that, she vanished and Cinderella was at the Royal ball dressed up in a beautiful dress and two transparent,glass slippers.

    Scene 2 ( At the wonderful ball)

    Narrator: As Cinderella magically appeared at the ball, the handsome prince’s eyes were caught on Cinderella. When the prince finally gained enough confidence, he asked Cinderella to dance and she gladly accepted. The floor was cleared as they danced and they soon became lost in each other’s arms…. They were in love! Eventually, Cinderella knowticed it was 11:59 and she had to go !

    Cinderella: (worriedly) oh no! It’s nearly 12!

    Prince: (with a sense of urgency) Wait! Come back!

    Narrator: but Cinderella was gone to fast, only leaving a glass slipper. The prince was single and he had found just the right women to fix that matter. The prince was so determined to find the lady he danced with, he tried the shoe on every women in the village until he reached Cinderella’s house.

    Scene 3 ( back at Cinderella’s house)

    Prince: Well, this is the last house. It must be this one.

    Narrator : And as he opened the door,he saw to ugly people and a shy girl behind them.

    Stepsister 1:(eagerly) Ooh! Let me try it on!

    Narrator : And it didn’t fit

    Stepsister 2: (eagerly) lets me!

    Narrator : and that didn’t fit either.

    Cinderella : Please may I try it on?

    Prince : ( sadly) go ahead!

    Narrator: and it fitted! And they all lived happily ever after

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