Playground Games!!!

This term Playground Games has been great fun; the children are the most important part of the club so here is what they think:


‘It’s really good fun because each week we learn and play a different game!’ Imaan from year 6.

‘We like it because everyone can participate and no-one gets left out. Also the teachers that run the club are great!’ Haniyah, Alyssa and Maryam from year 5.

‘We do lots of different games, my favourite game is dodgeball!’ Abdullah from year 2.

‘It’s really exciting and we learn lots of different games that we didn’t know before.’ Harris from year 3.











Skills developed this term; teamwork, motor (body and exercise), interaction, knowledge of games, turn taking, communication and self control.


Games played this term; Sharks and Lifeguards, Bulldog, Dodgeball, Cat and Mouse, Football and many many more.


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  1. I watched you all having fun. Well done Mr Inman for active participation. The children were participating with vigour when I was watching them.

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