Playing nicely in RB

As part of our PSHE we have been focusing on our social skills. This is a very important life skill as the children learnt about acceptable behaviour within a friendship. 

Why is it important to play nicely?

What skills should we use to play nicely? 

3 thoughts on “Playing nicely in RB

  1. If you do not listen what your friends are going to say .They will not want to play with you and Say nice word.
    Skills should we use to play nicely:-
    1:Listen to your friends.
    2:Hear there ideas.
    3:Play nicely.

  2. Delilah says …..WE should play nicely with our friends and if their sad we can cheer them up ,we could hug them hold their hand or play a game .when we play nice everyone looks happy and smiles,and has fun.We can share with our friends .we can help them when they cant do their work or draw we can show them how to .When you dnt play nice its boring and really sad and everyone is not happy and sad .You should nt hit or shout or be mean to friends or they wont want to be your friend and play and you will be sad and have no friends.You should say nice words like your my best friend and you are beautifull and that makes people feel happy.

    • That is a beautiful answer Delilah please collect another prize tomorrow. You are always eager to go on the blog and this should be recognized and rewarded. Well done!

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