A polite reminder to Six Blue

Good morning 6 Blue

I hope you are all in good spirits, staying safe and in good health. As school closed very abruptly due to the current circumstances, a lot of children ended up leaving their personal belongings, such as P.E. and swimming kits, homework books, coats, work packs (Maths and English packs) etc.
Some of you have come to get your things, however there are a handful of you that have not. These need to be taken home please!

School will be open tomorrow (Thursday 2nd April) between 9:30am till 11am. During this time, if you know you have left something in school, you or your parent can come and collect! Office staff will also be available to discuss any requests, any support needed, for example, with food vouchers and if you want to add a personal message about work.

Polite Reminder: When arriving, please remember to keep a safe 2 metre distance from anyone who is there and the staff.

Comment below when you have collected everything or if you have already. There are several children who have not yet accessed the blogs and might not see this message, if you speak to them online please share this message with them also.

19 thoughts on “A polite reminder to Six Blue

    • Have you got the following things in your house;
      * P.E. kit
      * swimming kit
      * coat/scarf/ wellies
      * maths and English revision packs (brown envelopes)
      * CGP busters and revision books

      If you have all of the above you’re fine, if you don’t, get into school please.

    • Only for those who haven’t collected their belongings yet, I’m glad you have everything you need. How is your mum? Tell her I said a BIG hello!

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