Police Officer’s in Reception.

This week was an exciting week where the children got a special visit from their local Police Officers as part of their People Who Help us topic. Look at the video below which showcases the Police Officers visit to Broad Heath and other learning activities throughout the week.

PC Rob and PC Kirsty were very impressed with all the children in Reception for being prepared to ask questions, listening carefully and especially their outstanding behaviour during the visit.


Can you name the different parts of the Police Officers uniform?

Name the four emergency services?

How do Police Officers help the community?

7 thoughts on “Police Officer’s in Reception.

  1. Well done Reception! You were well behaved and asked some great questions. It was fun for us all getting to wear the police helmets and to handle the equipment –
    the walkie-talkies and batons etc. Our police force do a great job of helping and protecting the community. 😊🚓

  2. Green jacket,handcuffs,helmet.
    They take the bad people into jail,they stop cars when there’s a car crash,the police help people if they are hurt.

  3. Helmet,shield,handcuffs,special green jacket,radio and belt.
    Police ,ambulance,firefighters,emergency helicopters ambulance and coastguard .
    Police save people’s from bad peoples and put bad peoples in the jail ,firefighters save people from the fire or when people are in danger they save them.

  4. Handcuffs, helmets, cameras, walkie talkie, special badge, jacket, belt, truncheon, shield
    Police, firefighters, ambulance
    Police officers help the community to save them from naughty people and chase them when they are in trouble. Sometimes they help the community when people get lost they show them the right way.

  5. Vest, helmet, shield, radio, handcuffs and a truncheon.
    Police, firefighters, ambulance and coastguard.
    Police offers save the world! They take bad guys to jail. They help people. They stop the cars when there is a car crash.

  6. Handcuffs, green jacket, helmet.
    Police, fire fighters, ambulance
    If somebody takes your phone, someone rings 999 and then the police come and have their handcuffs ready to catch them.

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