7 thoughts on “Positional language in 1 White.

  1. Mummy is next to me
    My doll is under the table
    My books are above the table
    My feets are inside my slippers
    I stand behind my mummy
    Glass is on the table

  2. I practised at home
    My books are INSIDE the book shelf.
    My clothes are IN the cupboard.
    My food is ON the table.
    I hide BEHIND the curtains.
    My toys are NEXT to my brother toy box.

  3. Great Learning exercise, we practiced at home as well
    My toys are UNDER the bed
    My books are ABOVE the table
    My chair is NEXT to my dad’s chair
    Two houses on our LEFT and RIGHT
    A shoe rack is INSIDE our house
    Garden is BEHIND our house

    • I am under the table .
      My brother sit inside the car.
      We are behind the tree.
      My friend house is next to my house .
      My glasses are above the shelf.

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