Problem solving week in 2 Blue

2 Blue have really enjoyed solving lots of different problems this week.  We shared the story of The Gingerbread Man, talked about the problems he encountered and discussed how he could have tackled them differently. As well as designing a bridge for him to cross, we also collected materials to make him a shelter and built a fire on which to cook him!!  We solved Maths problems, made model islands and completed team challenges.  A very busy and enjoyable week!

Sorting natural objects
Back to back standing -teamwork!
Following instructions to form shapes with string as a team
Making letters as a team
Making letters as  team

What skills did you need to use in order to work as a team?

What kind of problems did you have to solve?

5 responses to “Problem solving week in 2 Blue”

  1. Muhammad S.

    Kind skills.
    We had to solve all of these problems.
    Giving 🔥 o even.

  2. Sheima B.

    Benefits for being flexible.
    Letter problems.

  3. Aleena M.

    1.Dont argue
    Listen to everybody ideas

    The gingerbread man was chased we made a shelter for him.

  4. Asilah K.

    We were using our body to make letters.
    We read about the gingerbread man and we tried to make a good bridge to get the gingerbread man over the river.

  5. Muhammad H.

    Don’t arugu.
    Help everyone.
    Don’t fight for things.
    Be nice.
    Share and care.
    Look at other people’s ideas.

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