Professor Layton’s Puzzle Club

We have been solving many puzzles such as the ‘The Wizard’s Cats’

The aim of the game is to place 10 cats into their own separate position using 3 circles. One key to success is to try and overlap the circles but we are yet to find the answer. Also, another rule is you can only have 1 cat on itself in the inside of the circle.

‘The pentomino square’

The aim of this game is to try and fit 6 shapes into a square. Those shape are completely different to each other. The key to success in this to try and not make other shapes within at square (e.g. Rectangle) This puzzle is really fun to play, why don’t you try it?


2 thoughts on “Professor Layton’s Puzzle Club

  1. I remember being in this club I solved all the puzzles apart from one new one called ‘magic TEN’.I solved ‘The Wizards cats’ in less than 2 minutes it was really easy for me.

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