Professor Layton’s Puzzles

This half term, in Professor Layton’s puzzles, we have been solving some really tricky puzzles such as’ Cluedo’.

The aim of the game is to position all of the characters(Mr and Mrs Green,Mr and Mrs Brown and Mr and Mrs White)in the right seats following all the rules given.

It was very tricky to solve and we are still working on it!


Working as a group to solve the Pentomino Square Challenge!

However we have solved many other puzzles. For example, ‘ Wizards cats’,’Magic Ten’ and ‘Pentomino Square.’

We have developed our problem solving skills and our communication skills and our maths skills.

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Aliya Khan, Ibtihal E and Areeba Arif


10 thoughts on “Professor Layton’s Puzzles

  1. I really enjoyed participating in Professor Laytons puzzle club. I liked the fact that we get to improve on our skills such as communication skills. however i think that the most needed skill is decision making. this is because for example maybe you wanted to try out the Pentomino square, you will mostly need to use your decision making skills due to the fact that you will need to decide where to put the puzzle shapes to make a square.

  2. Me to after listening to my sister Aliya’s thought think that this is a great club to show of our skills and improve on our old skills like communicating and maths but it’s also mental strategies which my sister told me about and the mental strategy skills will be used on the puzzle my sister talked about above but it’s not only improving on old skills it’s also learning new ones and improving old ones.And just like my sister I think ………………….

    Professor Layton’s RULES.

  3. After listening to my cousin Aliya’s thought and the blog she and her friends made I really think it is a great club and really useful for children to communicate together and improve on their math skills.

  4. At Professor Layton’s I have also be solving a math puzzle where you have 8 8’s and 4 + signs and you have to use them all to make 1000.
    To solve this I kept on looking back at how many 8’s I had and how many + signs I had left and I would make the biggest number out of what I had left over.

    Proffesor Layton’s is not only good because of the puzzles it is also very good for the games such as ‘Connect 4′,’Jenga’ and ‘Geometric’ and they are so fun and include communication skills.

    Professor Layton’s RULES

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