Programming Club: Micro:Bit

Hello Mr Carter’s Programming Club,

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This term we will be using one of the newest computing resources in the school… Micro:Bit!

The Micro:Bit is a programmable set of LEDs that can be coded to display words, numbers and even games.

Over the course of the next few week we will be running through some tutorials to investigate how to code these splendid little gadgets. We will be using the Block Editor (very similar to scratch) to do our coding on. 


Block Editor

If you are inspired enough to want to buy your own Micro:Bit, here is a link to where you can purchase one yourself. Make sure you ask your parents permission or course!


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  1. Epic! I coded the first micro-bit tutorial but the 2nd one was hard because I couldn’t see it properly even though I put it in full screen. It was still blurry. ;( :(

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