8 thoughts on “Project Week- Book Week.. The Island

  1. During project week I have enjoyed using different resources for art such as chordal, sketching pencils and stencilling. Also I liked making our cartoons using iMovie, green screen, and garage band to use for our music in the background. Also it was fun learning a lesson when you read the book the lesson is: you need to accept that some people are not as fortunate as you are and are different.

  2. This week,I have enjoyed using resources such as charcoal and stencilling and many other tehchniques.Also,we experienced many new apps and pieces of technology that we have not used enough such as GarageBand.Also,I enjoyed in sing acetate because I have never used act are before and it was a fun experience to see how people create things we watch in everyday life.I hope we can take this week’s learning and use it in music week and days to come.

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