22 thoughts on “Prom Night 2016

  1. I will miss all of my friends and my teachers so much. Thank you to all the staff. You always made learning fun for us. And you guys always made us laugh even my friends . ☹️💙

  2. I had a great time being part of the Prom. It was lovely seeing how the children I had the pleasure of teaching in Year 2 have flourished and become confident and successful. Make sure you keep on doing the best you can and continue to make us all proud.

  3. It was sick man. I would never forget this.

    I will NEVER forget u
    U will always be by my sid e
    TILL the day I die. 😜😜😜😜😬😬😎😎😎😎😎

  4. What a lucky year group of children you are, but to be honest, you deserved it all. Congratulations to the 4 prize winners and the other certificate winners of the night.
    This was an epic evening for you and a memory you will have for life.
    Keep dancing everyone, and more importantly, keep smiling.
    Miss B :)

  5. I cannot put this in words about how much all the teachers have helped me.I have to say a very bid thank you to Ms Janjua,Mr McCabe,Miss Sahin,Mrs Edwards,Mrs Frankish and Mrs Rullay.I really hope I can visit often.I promise I will cumbria on every teacher training day I have.I will miss Broadheath and the my classtates. Some class mates in will fortunately see in the future.I will never forget you BroadHeath. GOODBYE BROADHEATH HEATH!

  6. I really enjoyed the prom!! Thank to all the teachers who have helped me at my journey at Broad Heath! It has been a pleasure being at this school! 😀🌟😀

  7. I can not thank the teachers enough for what they have done.You made the night unforgettable.I will never forget you whether you were with me in Reception or YR6.Goodbye

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